Behold The SPEX® Speaker - the complete run of the unique trade journal that between 1956 and 1983 published articles about a wide variety of spectrographic methods and techniques, while showcasing SPEX® products. Art and Harriet Mitteldorf, who founded SPEX Industries, Inc. in 1954, started by selling graphite electrodes and spectrographic plates and film for arc/spark spectroscopy. They quickly developed their own analytical standards and sample preparation equipment, and those two traditions and product lines are proudly continued today by SPEX CertiPrep®, Inc., and SPEX® SamplePrep LLC.
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SPEX Speaker

 DateTitleProduct LinePagesAuthors
View Volume I, Jan-1956 Jan-1956Spectrochemical Analysis For Trace Elements I. When Sample Size Is UnlimitedSpectrochemical Analysis1-4Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume I, Apr-1956 Apr-1956Spectrochemical Analysis For Trace Elements II. When Sample Size Is LimitedSpectrochemical Analysis1-4Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume I, Jul-1956 Jul-1956Gazing Into the Crystal PrismEmission Spectroscopy1-3Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume I, Oct-1956 Oct-1956Optical Vs. X-Ray Spectrocemical AnalysisSpecteochemical Analysis1-3Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume II, Jan-1957 Jan-1957The Vacuum Ultraviolet Part I. History And InstrumentationVacuum Spectrography1-3Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume II, Apr-1957 Apr-1957Semi-Quantitative Spectrochemical AnalysisSpectrocemical Analysis1-5Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume II, Jul-1957 Jul-1957ElectrodesSpectrograhy1-3Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume II, Oct-1957 Oct-1957Infared Spectroscopy…Now And SoonInfared Spectroscopy1-4Smith, Clara D.
View Volume III, Jan-1958 Jan-1958Vacuum Spectroscopy II. ApplicationsVacuum Spectrography1-6Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume III, Jan-1958 Jan-1958Qual-Mix: New Preperation For Simplifying Qualitative Spectrochemical AnalysisSpectrochemical Analysis7-8 
View Volume III, Apr-1958 Apr-1958The Spectrograph's Been Working On The RailroadSpectroscopy1-6Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume III, Aug-1958 Aug-1958Some Applications Of Spectroscopy In The Petroleum IndustrySpectroscopy1-4Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume III, Nov-1958 Nov-1958A New Spectral BandProduct Information N/A
View Volume IV, Feb-1959 Feb-1959The Solid StateLuminescence1-7Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume IV, Jun-1959 Jun-1959The SPEX 9010 Arc/Spark StandARC/SPARK Stand1-4Landon, D.O.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume IV, Oct-1959 Oct-1959Accuracy In Spectrochemical AnalysisSpectrochemical Analysis1-6Arrak, Arno; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume IV, Dec-1959 Dec-1959PeaceEditorial1-2Meggers, William F.
View Volume V, Mar-1960 Mar-1960Spectroscopy In The Electronics Industryspectroscopy1-5Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume V, Jun-1960 Jun-1960Emission Spectrochemical Analysis In The Atomic Energy IndstryEmission Spectroscopy1-5O'Connell, R.F.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume V, Oct-1960 Oct-1960The KBR TechniqueKBr Technique1-5Simmons, Ivor L.
View Volume V, Dec-1960 Dec-1960Starlit SpectroscopesSpectroscopy1-6 
View Volume VI, Mar-1961 Mar-1961Work Ahead In Emission SpectroscopyEmission Spectroscopy1-5Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume VI, Jun-1961 Jun-1961Trace Metals And ManEmission Spectroscopy1-5Schroeder, Henry A.
View Volume VI, Jun-1961 Jun-1961Readers' Comments Re: "Work Ahead In Emission Schetroscopy"Emission Spectroscopy6Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume VI, Sep-1961 Sep-1961Trace Elements And AgricultureSpectrochemistry1-5Grant, C.L.
View Volume VI, Dec-1961 Dec-1961Fluxing Techniques In Emission And X-Ray SpectroscopyEmission and x-Ray Spectroscopy1-4Cullen, T.J.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume VII, Mar-1962 Mar-1962A New Grazing Incidence Vacuum SpectrometerVacuum Spectrography1-4Landon, D.O.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume VII, Jun-1962 Jun-1962Solid State Mass SpectroscopyMass Spectroscopy1-4Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume VII, Oct-1962 Oct-1962The Stallwood Jet: Progress ReportProduct Information1-6Champ, W.H.
View Volume VII, Oct-1962 Oct-1962Preparation Of Briquets For X-Ray Analysis By Lithium Borate Fluxing Technique (Abstract) X-Ray Analysis6Rose Jr., Harry J.
View Volume VII, Dec-1962 Dec-1962SPEX Methods For Semi-Quantive Spectrochemical AnalysisSpectrochemical Analysis1-5 
View Volume VII, Dec-1962 Dec-1962Lithium Fluride Vs. Lithium Carbonate As A BufferSpectrochemical Analysis6Boumans, P.W.J.M.
View Volume VIII, Mar-1963 Mar-1963The Stabilized Plasma Jet Fluis Analyzer 1-7Mitteldorf, A.J.; Landon, D.O.
View Volume VIII, Jun-1963 Jun-1963Spectroscopic PhotographySpectroscopic Photography1-6Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume VIII, Oct-1963 Oct-1963A Universal Method For Spectrochemical Analysis Of Ferrous AlloysSpectrochemical Analysis7Arrak, Arno
View Volume VIII, Dec-1963 Dec-1963New Czerny-Turner Spectrometer-MonochromatorsProduct Information1-7 
View Volume IX, Mar-1964 Mar-1964The Electron MicrobeProduct Information1-7Arrak, Arno
View Volume IX, Jun-1964 Jun-1964A Spectrochemical PrimerProduct Information1-6O'Connell, R.F.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume IX, Oct-1964 Oct-1964What's New In Czerny-Turner Spectrometers?Product Information1-7 
View Volume IX, Dec-1964 Dec-196410th Anniversary IssueAnniversary Issue  
View Volume X, Mar-1965 Mar-1965Spexctroscopic ElectrodesSpectroscopic Photography1-7Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume X, Mar-1965 Mar-1965Theorem: Accuracy = F(T)SemiQuantative Standards8-9Pittwell
View Volume X, Jun-1965 Jun-1965Optimizing Accuracy In Emission Spectrochemical AnalysisEmission Spectroscopy1-7Nohe, J.D.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume X, Sep-1965 Sep-1965The Diffraction GratingDiffraction Grating1-6Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume X, Dec-1965 Dec-1965Differential Thermal AnalysisSpectroscopy1-5Chaplenko, G.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XI, Apr-1966 Apr-1966Laser Raman SpectroscopyRaman Spectroscopy1-7Raman, Sir C.V.
View Volume XI, Jul-1966 Jul-1966Spectrometric Bits And PiecesSpectrometers1-6??
View Volume XI, Oct-1966 Oct-1966The Atomprobe At WorkAtomprobe1-6Chaplenko, G.; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XI, Dec-1966 Dec-1966Raman Spectroscopy RevisitedRaman Spectroscopy1-8Weber, Prof. Alfons
View Volume XII, Mar-1967 Mar-1967Micro And Trace Analysis Shift Into High GearEmission Spectroscopy1-7Landon, D.O; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XII, Jun-1967 Jun-1967SPEX Double Spectrometer - A Progress ReportProduct Information1-7Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XII, Oct-1967 Oct-1967Computerized SpectroscopySpectroscopy1-7Arrak, Arno
View Volume XII, Dec-1967 Dec-1967SPEX Double Spectrometer - Progress Report #2Product Information1-6 
View Volume XIII, Mar-1968 Mar-1968Spectrometric Oil Analysis ProgramLaser-Raman Spectroscopy1-6Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XIII, Jun-1968 Jun-1968Light Scattering With Laser SourcesLight Scattering1-11Porto, S.P.S.
View Volume XIII, Oct-1968 Oct-1968Quantitative Analysis With The AtomprobeSpectrochemical Analysis1-4Chaplenko, George
View Volume XIII, Oct-1968 Oct-1968Atmospheric OzoneSpectroscopy6 
View Volume XIII, Oct-1968 Oct-1968Surpassing The UnsurpassableSpectroscopy7 
View Volume XIII, Oct-1968 Oct-1968The Action Spectrum Of Erythema Induced By Ultraviolet RadiationUltraviolet Radiation7 
View Volume XIII, Dec-1968 Dec-1968Microsampling Techniques In Laser Raman SpectroscopyRaman Spectroscopy1-7Freeman, S.K.; Landon, D.O.
View Volume XIV, May-1969 May-1969Quantitative Analysis With Semiquantitative StandardsQuantative Analysis1-5Casper, Louis S.; Chaplinko, George
View Volume XIV, Jun-1969 Jun-1969Light Scattering With Laser Sources, Part IILight Scattering1-8Porto, S.P.S.
View Volume XIV, Sep-1969 Sep-1969Fourier Transformation SpectroscopyFourier Transformation Spectroscopy1-7Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XIV, Dec-1969 Dec-1969High Temperature Gas Phase Raman SpectroscopyRaman Spectroscopy1-10Beattie, I.R.; Ozin, G.A.
View Volume XV, Mar-1970 Mar-1970The Ramalab, 1970Raman Spectroscopy1-8 
View Volume XV, Jun-1970 Jun-1970A Visit To KodakPhotographic Emulsions1-6Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XV, Sep-1970 Sep-1970Laser-Raman NotesLaser-Raman Spectroscopy1-7 
View Volume XV, Dec-1970 Dec-1970Green Cheese It's Not!Electron Probe Analysis1-5Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XVI, Mar-1971 Mar-1971Laser-Raman Spectroscopy Of Synthetic PolymersRaman Spectroscopy1-9Gall, M.J.
View Volume XVI, Mar-1971 Mar-1971Modification Of A Harney-Miller Cryostat For Helium OperationRaman Spectroscopy9Freeman, Ross, H.
View Volume XVI, Mar-1971 Mar-1971The Iodine Filter Technique In Raman Spectroscopy Or How Long Can You Go?Raman Spectroscopy10-12Hibley, Gary; Lippert, Joseph; Peticolas, Warner L.
View Volume XVI, Jun-1971 Jun-1971Spectroscopy In OceanographySpectroscopy1-8Thompson, Dr. Geoffrey
View Volume XVI, Sep-1971 Sep-1971Commercial Spectrographic Standards Applied To The Analysis Of High-Purity CheicalsSpectroscopy1-4Joy, E.F.; Kershner, N.A.; Barnard, J.R.
View Volume XVI, Dec-1971 Dec-1971Matrix Isolation Laser Raman Spectroscopy At Cryogenic TemperaturesLaser-Raman Spectroscopy1-11Ozin, G.A.
View Volume XVII, Mar-1972 Mar-1972The Diffraction Grating IIDiffraction Grating1-8Landon, D.O; Mitteldorf, A.J.
View Volume XVII, Jun-1972 Jun-1972Low-Frequency Raman SpectroscopyRaman Spectroscopy1-4Scott, James F.
View Volume XVII, Jun-1972 Jun-1972The Third MonochromatorSpectrometers4-8Landon, D.O; Reed, P.R.
View Volume XVII, Sep-1972 Sep-1972Far-Infared Fourier Spectroscopy Made PainlessFourier Transformation Spectroscopy1-11Milward, R.C.
View Volume XVII, Dec-1972 Dec-1972Standards For Spark Source Mass SpectrometrySpectrometers1-5Hobart, E.W.; Wieland, J.R.
View Volume XVIII, Mar-1973 Mar-1973The Impact Of Laser-Raman Spectroscopy On Inorganic ChemistryRaman Spectroscopy1-11Clark, R.J.H.
View Volume XVIII, Jun-1973 Jun-1973Thermal ChromatographySpectrometers1-8Mitteldorf, Arthur J.
View Volume XVIII, Sep-1973 Sep-1973Geochemical Exploration For OresSpectrometers1-6Brundin, Nils H.
View Volume XVIII, Sep-1973 Sep-1973Tetraborate Fusion For X-Ray Sample PreparationChemistry7Claisse, Fernand
View Volume XVIII, Sep-1973 Sep-1973Meggers Award To M. S. WangGeneral Spectroscopy8 
View Volume XVIII, Sep-1973 Sep-1973Shatterbox UpgradedShatterbox8 
View Volume XVIII, Dec-1973 Dec-1973The Comet ComethGeneral Spectroscopy1-5 
View Volume XVIII, Dec-1973 Dec-1973Leo Esaki Shares Nobel Prize In PhysicsRaman Spectroscopy6 
View Volume XVIII, Dec-1973 Dec-1973GC/OEGeneral Spectroscopy7 
View Volume XIX, Mar-1974 Mar-1974Raman Spectroscopy At SurfacesRaman Spectroscopy1-12Hendra, P. J.
View Volume XIX, Jun-1974 Jun-1974Society Discovers Signal-To-NoiseOther1-8 
View Volume XIX, Sep-1974 Sep-1974The Ramacomp-A Computerized Raman SystemRaman Spectroscopy1-8Moore, John F.
View Volume XIX, Dec-1974 Dec-197420th Anniversary IssueGeneral Spectroscopy  
View Volume XIX, Dec-1974 Dec-1974Optical Sky PhenomenaGeneral Spectroscopy2-12Greenier, Robert
View Volume XX, Mar-1975 Mar-1975A Rapid Scan Of Today'S SpectroscopiesGeneral Spectroscopy1-7 
View Volume XX, Jun-1975 Jun-1975SPEX High Purity InorganicsCertiprep1-5Miller, Warren V.
View Volume XX, Sep-1975 Sep-1975Raman And Infrared Investigations Of OH- And H20 In Hydrothermal -QuartzRaman Spectroscopy1-6Walrafen, G. E.; Luongo, J. P.
View Volume XX, Sep-1975 Sep-1975Accessories For Raman Excitation Of SolidsRaman Spectroscopy7Waters, D. N.
View Volume XX, Dec-1975 Dec-1975Spectrofluorometry Moves Forward With The FluorologFluorescence Spectroscopy1-6 
View Volume XXI, Mar-1976 Mar-1976A Building Block Approach To Solid State SpectroscopyGeneral Spectroscopy1-7Ferguson, James
View Volume XXI, Jun-1976 Jun-1976Insight Into Eyesight Through Resonance RamanRaman Spectroscopy1-7Lewis, Aaron
View Volume XXI, Jun-1976 Jun-1976A Ramalog Tackles PollutionRaman Spectroscopy7-8Miller, Warren V.; Walker, William J.
View Volume XXI, Sep-1976 Sep-1976SPEX Fluorolog: Some Illuminating AspectsFluorescence Spectroscopy1-11 
View Volume XXI, Dec-1976 Dec-1976Raman Spectroscopy Of Viruses And Protein-Nucleic Acid InteractionsRaman Spectroscopy1-11Thomas,Jr. G. J.
View Volume XXII, Mar-1977 Mar-1977Measuring The Light InfinitesmalGeneral Spectroscopy1-7Arnold, Stephen
View Volume XXII, Jun-1977 Jun-1977Application Of Raman Spectroscopy To Snake ToxinsRaman Spectroscopy1-6Tu, Anthony T.
View Volume XXII, Jun-1977 Jun-1977Recent Rewarding Raman ResultsRaman Spectroscopy6-7 
View Volume XXII, Jun-1977 Jun-19771456 Fine Alignment PlatformRaman Spectroscopy8 
View Volume XXII, Sep-1977 Sep-1977The Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch - A Source For All ReasonsEmission Spectroscopy1-6Greenfield, Stanley
View Volume XXII, Dec-1977 Dec-1977Phosphorescence Provides The CluesFluorescence Spectroscopy1-6Di Gregorio, S.; Kaminski, R.
View Volume YEAR 23, Mar-1978 Mar-1978Spectral Sculptures From Raw Data With The SC-31 Programmable Data HandlerFluorescence Spectroscopy1-6 
View Volume YEAR 23, Jun-1978 Jun-1978Phosphorescence At Extremely Low ConcentrationsFluorescence Spectroscopy7-11Di Gregorio, S.; Kaminski, R.
View Volume YEAR 23, Sep-1978 Sep-1978Focusing On Lenses With Laser Raman SpectroscopyRaman Spectroscopy1-8Yu, Nai-Teng; Kuck, Jr. ; John F.R.
View Volume YEAR 23, Sep-1978 Sep-1978From Academia To PracticaliaRaman Spectroscopy9-10 
View Volume YEAR 23, Dec-1978 Dec-1978Raman Anniversary Issue - Golden Jubilee Of The Raman EffectRaman Spectroscopy1-2 
View Volume YEAR 23, Dec-1978 Dec-1978Physicists View Fifty Years Of Raman SpectroscopyRaman Spectroscopy3-8Brandmuller, J.; Kiefer, W.
View Volume YEAR 24, Jun-1979 Jun-1979A Window Into The World Of CellsFluorescence Spectroscopy1-6Kaminski, R.
View Volume YEAR 24, Dec-1979 Dec-1979The Secret Life Of SilverRaman Spectroscopy1-7Kaminski, R.
View Volume YEAR 25, Mar-1980 Mar-1980Raman Spectroscopy As An Industrial Analytical TechniqueRaman Spectroscopy1-7Cody, C.A.; Darlington, R.K.
View Volume YEAR 25, Jun-1980 Jun-1980Scamp Defies The Data CrisisGeneral Spectroscopy1-8Kaminski, Ray; Obenauf, Ralph
View Volume YEAR 25, Sep-1980 Sep-1980Preparation Of Standards For Plasma Emission SpectroscopyEmission Spectroscopy1-4Miller, W.; De Menna, G.
View Volume YEAR 25, Dec-1980 Dec-1980Spectroscopy At Bethlehem SteelEmission Spectroscopy1-4Mitteldorf, Arthur J.
View Volume YEAR 25, Dec-1980 Dec-1980View From Behind The CounterSpectrometers5-8Mitteldorf, Arthur J.
View Volume YEAR 26, Jun-1981 Jun-1981Franklin, Fluorescent Mineral Capital Of The WorldFluorescence Spectroscopy1-7Jones,Jr. R.W.
View Volume YEAR 26, Sep-1981 Sep-1981The Raman TimesRaman Spectroscopy1-7 
View Volume YEAR 26, Sep-1981 Sep-1981Fellgett: "They Took Advantage Of Me" -Triplemate RespondsRaman Spectroscopy1, 5 
View Volume YEAR 26, Sep-1981 Sep-1981Accessory Gives Cytochrome A SpinRaman Spectroscopy1, 6-7 
View Volume YEAR 26, Sep-1981 Sep-1981Macro Info From Micro Samples - On The Laser'S Edge With MicramateRaman Spectroscopy1-4 
View Volume YEAR 27, Mar-1982 Mar-1982Focus On FluorescenceFluorescence Spectroscopy1-9Kaminski, R.; Obenauf, R.; Purcell, F.
View Volume YEAR 27, Sep-1982 Sep-1982Time- Resolved Raman SpectroscopyRaman Spectroscopy1-8Hester, Ronald E.
View Volume YEAR 28, Mar-1983 Mar-1983Catalysis And The Organometallic Chemistry Of The Transition MetalsChemistry1-7Chalk, Alan J.